Career Counselling
Career counseling and career coaching are similar in nature to traditional counseling. the clients understand their own motivations and desires more thoroughly. Working with younger people, especially, career counselors must understand and appreciate. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process: from the choice of universities, to applying with discretion and guiding you through immigration procedures. Educational services, such as guidance and consultations.

Training-n-Development group of professional career counselors and consultants who work independently as private practitioners. We have extensive experience working with individuals and employees as they make successful work and life transitions and are dedicated to helping you make the changes you want in your work and your life. In a Training-n-Development relationship we will form a dynamic team to assist you in career planning and development that will:

Set both short and long range goals
Determine action plans and monitor progress in attaining goals
Resolve communication problems
Manage change and conflict
Keep you focused and on track
Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life
Explore your career options
Interpret career assessments
Discuss education/training required for different careers
Identify resources to gather more information
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